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Uli Fischer

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     Galerie Uli Fischer    

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Tauchen Sie ein in die faszinierende Welt des renommierten Künstlers Uli Fischer und genießen Sie gleichzeitig die unvergleichliche Freiheit und Eleganz unserer Sportboote und Yachten von Bodenseenautic. Unsere einzigartige Kooperation vereint die Schönheit der Kunst mit dem unvergesslichen Erlebnis auf dem Wasser.

live your dreams


works of art

my latest artworks, add color to your home.

COLOR ART for your home


about me

Painting with color is my passion. I want to inspire my fellow human beings and make them happy. They should immerse themselves in a colorful fantasy world and develop beautiful dreams and thoughts. I want to create a pleasant feeling of freedom full of lightheartedness and carelessness.


artist statement

I'm not that important to myself, but I watch my fellow human beings closely,

their behavior, their gestures and facial expressions.

Day after day I am an artist and in my mind there are pictures full of color and passion. This fantasy world is wonderful for me and makes me happy.

Anyone who knows me knows about my colorful dreams, anyone who wants to get to know me better just has to look at my art.



​​ biography

Uli Fischer was born in Germany in 1968 on Lake Constance, where he still lives today. After completing his technical training and studying business administration, he continued to develop in the field of marketing and design.

At a young age, Uli Fischer recognized his diverse creativity in many areas. But only since the end of 2017 after an impressive event on his favorite island of Lanzarote / Spain has he been showing his creative repertoire with paintings in many strong colors and shapes. Since then, art has been his passion, which gives him a lot of balance and strength.

The diversity of nature, the special facets of people or events in the world inspire and occupy him every day. He also particularly loves innovative art with the design of objects that do not correspond to the normal standard of a painter.

After such a short time, Uli Fischer found collectors from all over the world, his pictures are in private collections in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, China, Korea , South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and Japan.